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Economic benefits and Tax credits:

Fixed and cheaper price per kWh during the lifetime of the system.

Annual average price increase per kWh under the DAC tariff

Annual average price increase per kWh = 9.1%

Incremento del precio del kWh para la tarifa 1 = 4.34% anual.

  • A photovoltaic system will save you money by reducing your electricity consumption and to jump from the DAC tariff to tariff 1. Since the kWh prices increase faster on the DAC tariff your profits will go up through the years.
  • kWh price on the DAC tariff (December-2011): $3.44 pesos.
  • kWh price with a residential photovoltaic system: $1.20 - $1.70 pesos.

Annual average price increase per kWh under tariff 2

Annual average price increase per kWh = 8.44%

  • Electricity independence throughout the hours of generation.
  • The system is 100% tax deductible in one year for business entities and individuals with business activity (ISR and IETU).
  • Instead of paying taxes you will be investing on a photovoltaic system with a lifetime of 25 years that will help you to dramatically reduce your electricity bills.



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