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Voltaika is a dynamic young leader company in the photovoltaic industry in Mexico. The quality of our services is proven by testimonials from our satisfied clients and backed up by the strict quality control applied to all of our projects and products.

Our mission is to provide our clients with renewable, clean, safe and profitable energy solutions allowing them to acquire a competitive advantage and to differentiate themselves successfully from their competitors.

We have expanded our services nationwide among residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural sectors helping our customers to reduce their electricity bills in a clean, safe and profitable way.

Through the know-how acquired by our design team from the German market we made a selection of only certified components by TÜV in Europe and UL in the United States to guarantee the maximum performance of our projects. It is important to highlight that all of our projects are designed with state of the art software proper for photovoltaic systems and that we only integrate the best design, installation and maintenance practices used in Europe to our daily work.

Each project is accurately designed under specific client requirements and keeping a strict quality control to guarantee its performance and the fastest possible return-on-investment.

Our design team is updated on a daily basis about the technological developments in the photovoltaic sector in order to offer the best quality components to our clients.

Our company is 100% Mexican and has work experience in the German photovoltaic market both into design and installation as well as intologistics and project management areas. We would like to contribute to the development of photovoltaic energy in Mexico and to bring its benefits to all of our clients.

Allowus to help you reduce your costs in electricity in a clean, safe and profitable way!

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